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If you prefer to work with a local person or company, we have good friends and professional contacts including accountants and lawyers from all over the world. We can probably find somebody not far from you. Please contact us and we will make an introduction.

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Seychelles has moved up 29 places in the World Bank's "Ease of doing business" rankings from 103rd to 74 place, out of 185 countries. This was announced by Mr Jean-Paul Adam, the Foreign Affairs ministers who said “We consider this a reflection of some of the improvements we have done. However, we believe we cannot be complacent and there is a lot to be done and we are...

Hüseyin Avni Aksoy said that investment opportunities between Seychelles and Turkey are set to increase in the coming years. Speaking at State House yesterday morning he said “During my mandate as Turkish ambassador to Seychelles, I want to seek ways to increase cooperation between our two countries. I would also like to share Turkey’s experience with Seychelles and at the...

Welcome to A.C.T. Offshore

We specialize in the formation and administrative support of Seychelles international business companies (IBCs). We have been assisting clients particularly via their professional advisors, planners, wealth managers and other intermediaries since 1995 and we are known for being one of the fastest, friendliest and easiest agents in Seychelles to work with.


We are always very keen to help enterprising people from everywhere in the world setup Seychelles companies, trusts, foundations and other entities. We also welcome general enquiries about Seychelles and its offerings - team members are eagerly waiting for you to get in touch!


Our ready-made international business companies really set us apart. We maintain the best list of ready-made Seychelles IBCs in the world. Ready-made Seychelles IBCs are the ultimate in speed and convenience. Please do have a quick look at our shelf lists - they may save you time in finding a name and working on other details.


Featured Article

Global Shell Games: Testing Money Launderers’ and Terrorist Financiers’ Access to Shell Companies
by Michael Findley, Daniel Nielson and Jason Sharman
Please download the full report here. In particular we invite you to read page 22. The research finds that Seychelles is one of the most compliant jurisdictions - not one Seychelles service provider was found to be flouting the rules.. This is the result of the good work we have been doing since 2000 to ensure Seychelles is a top offshore financial centre.
For criminals moving large sums of dirty money internationally, there is no better device than an untraceable shell company. This paper reports the results of an experiment soliciting offers for these prohibited anonymous shell corporations. Our research team impersonated a variety of low- and high-risk customers, including would-be money launderers, corrupt officials, and terrorist financiers when requesting the anonymous companies. Evidence is drawn from more than 7,400 email solicitations to more than 3,700 Corporate Service Providers that make and sell shell companies in 182 countries. The experiment allows us to test whether international rules are actually effective when they mandate that those selling shell companies must collect identity documents from their customers. Shell companies that cannot be traced back to their real owners are one of the most common means for laundering money, giving and receiving bribes, busting sanctions, evading taxes, and financing terrorism.
The results provide the most complete and robust test of the effectiveness of international rules banning untraceable, anonymous shell companies. Furthermore, because the exercise took the form of a randomized experiment, it also provides unique insight into what causes those who sell shell companies to either comply with or violate international rules requiring them to collect identity documents from customers. Just as the random assignment to control (placebo) and treatment groups in drug trials isolates the effect of a new drug, so too the random assignment of low-risk “placebo” emails and different high-risk “treatment” emails isolated the effects of different kinds of risk on the likelihood of (a) being offered a shell company, and (b) being required to provide proof of identity. Key findings include:
1. Overall, international rules that those forming shell companies must collect proof of customers’ identity are ineffective. Nearly half (48 percent) of all replies received did not ask for proper identification, and 22 percent did not ask for any identity documents at all to form a shell company.
2. Against the conventional policy wisdom, those selling shell companies from tax havens were significantly more likely to comply with the rules than providers in OECD countries like the United States and Britain. Another surprise was that providers in poorer, developing countries were also more compliant with global standards than those in rich, developed nations.
3. Defying the international guidelines of a “risk-based approach,” shell company providers were often remarkably insensitive to even obvious criminal risks. Thus, although providers were less likely to reply to clear corruption risks, those that did respond were also less likely than in the placebo condition to demand certified identity documents of potential customers from high-corruption countries who claim to work in government procurement.
4. Corporate service providers were significantly less likely to reply to...